There are various options to choose from. As the English Spelling System has never been modernised some (especially dyslexic) students have great difficulty with spelling. The earlier the pupil starts working with these spelling categories the more beneficial it is.

Usually children are eager to learn and I gladly make use of this advantage. Secondary School students may need a little support just to get them back on track. Being a Mum of three I understand that going through puberty can be confusing enough, even without difficulties like dyslexia.

Some Practical Information

My hourly rate is € 45,- (not subject to VAT) for which you will receive an invoice at the end of each month.

For Primary School students, testing and setting up an Individual Educational Plan I charge a one time fee of € 250,- for which you will get a full report.

I don’t charge for the initial interview (this takes around 30-45 minutes)

In case of no show or a cancellation up to a minimum of 12 hours in advance I charge my hourly rate.

Mind Your Language is closed during school holidays.

Not convinced yet? Please feel free to get in touch and we will have a chat, no strings attached. And if we hit it off, I will be happy to assist you or your child in the learning process.