Welcome to Mind Your Language, a private practice in which students of all ages and backgrounds get help in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and fluency in English.

Some students are at Primary School, some attend Secondary School and some already have jobs and just need some temporary support for a meeting or TED Talk.

A few (younger) students who come to MYL have dyslexia. These students need a different approach to a GCSE graduating student.

Pupils who are in their First Year of Secondary School may need some support in finding the right tense in English as this can be tricky to find out by yourself.

Every student is different, has different needs and thus needs a different approach.

At Mind Your Language we work with a variety of methods to keep students motivated and interested. That way all language skills get covered.

After an initial interview - which is free of charge - depending on the needs, we set a follow up date for the student to take a small test to establish what categories need attention. Afterwards an individual education plan is drawn up which we work through during a weekly lesson.